What are enterprise skills?

Since the addition of enterprise skills to the Welsh national curriculum, everyone has been asking us ‘How do we introduce enterprise skills into the classroom?’ and even, ‘what are enterprise skills?’

Enterprise skills are a combination of competencies including ; 

  • Creative, innovative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Team work

Enterprise education isn’t just about business or entrepreneurship. Enterprise education programmes measure the impact on personal development, and support students so they can navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals.

They achieve this by enhancing the essential ‘soft skills’, a combination of people skills,social skills, and communication skills. The Collins English Dictionary defines the term "soft skills" as “desirable qualities for employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge: they include common sense, the ability to deal with people, and a positive flexible attitude.” - which is why developing enterprise skills is so important.

By blending enterprise with education, the new Welsh curriculum enhances the skills that employers seek, and allows students to find their own definition of success whatever that route may be - whether that’s employment, further education or starting a business. 

This is something which can be embedded into your school's curriculum through our Bumbles of Honeywood enterprise skills programme, through enterprise projects, simple to follow lesson plans, or even monthly ‘enterprise days’.

At C4EE, we’ve worked with several Primary Schools throughout South Wales who have competed in our ‘Marketplace Challenge’. This involves students designing a product, and working as a team to; 

  • Conduct market research 
  • Produce an item suitable to sell 
  • Make Sales 
  • Calculate profit margins
  • Develop a marketing strategy 
  • Attend a real market to trade

This is an enterprise project which can be completed within a month, and which takes up as little as one afternoon a week. You can get in touch with us to arrange taking part, or run a similar project yourself. To minimise lesson planning, you can choose to create a product related to what you’re covering currently- for example, one of our Primary Schools who were learning about World War Two made cakes and biscuits only using ingredients which were available during the period.

However, enterprise education doesn't just have to be about business start-ups. We use 'The Bumbles of Honeywood' book series and activities to teach enterprise skills, through stories of our bee family who have to come up with innovative solutions to daily problems. Bee’s are very good at working together, and we’ve developed a comprehensive programme which we can provide for you to deliver yourself, or you can request one of our expert enterprise team to attend the school to deliver in your classroom.














If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you develop your enterprise curriculum, or if you’d like to try a sample session don’t hesitate to get in contact.