Through a series of 6 books, your children will follow the adventures of the Bumbles family. The bumbles work together to keep Honeywood hive running smoothly, overcome challenges using enterprise skills and face environmental problems in the modern world.


Illustrations that bring Honeywood to life

We know beautiful characters and environments can really capture your child's imagination; we wanted our books to look as inspiring as they are educational.

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Morality tales

Each story follows a member of the Bumble family who uses their enterprise skills to solve a problem they face; your child will learn from their bee friend's problem.


Nourish an enterprising mindset 

We don't think enterprise skills should just be one section of a crowded curriculum; we believe children need to learn to apply enterprise skills to all areas of their life. 

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Want to make your teachers' lives easier with the complete school pack? 

Find out about the whole package: including hundreds of interactive enterprise activities which meet all areas of the curriculum, along with fun added extras like hand knitted beehives and classroom decorations.