from an early age, we encourage young people to be creative in professional environments

from an early age, we encourage young people to be creative in professional environments

Does your business want to connect with the local community?

2B Enterprising was founded & funded by passionate business professionals with proven experience creating and delivering educational solutions into primary schools and higher education. We work with teachers, parents & businesses to educate them on how to encourage young people “to be enterprising” ambitious and resourceful


Why sponsor a school to get enterprise education?

We can’t rely on teachers, parents and the government alone to teach children entrepreneurship and enterprise skills. It’s as much the responsibility of the business community……

Educational budgets are tight and Corporate subsidy will assist in providing programmes and services that help young people to think about their education, training and future employment choices much earlier than previously before.

The children we engage in schools today are not only our future business leaders but also potential future employees.

Sponsoring a Bumbles of Honeywood pack for a school will gain you: 

•Employee satisfaction in nominating which local schools to support and being part of this exciting and impactful initiative

•Help achieve Corporate Social Responsibility targets in line with other CSR or charitable activities

•Engagement with younger audience and their families.


Our vision is a community where future pathways and career choices for all young people are equally valued,  respected and supported.


Simple Corporate Engagement Process

2B Enterprising understand you’re busy so we’ve made engagement with the Bumbles of Honeywood easy:

  1. Just contact us and once we've met with you to determine what level of engagement best suits your organisation, we'll do all the work for you!
  2. We will provide appropriate communication tools to introduce Bumbles to your workforce (digital / print format). This will help explain why you’re engaging and also give them reply mechanism to suggest a school/s that would benefit from the support of your organisation.

  3. Once school/s selected our team will approach the Headmaster of each, introduce them to Bumbles and discuss your Corporate support. Our aim will be to enroll them for our Bumbles programme.
  4. When a school confirms their acceptance 2BE will schedule an on-boarding session, provide you with an order form and then issue you an invoice.

  5. Post onboarding we will arrange:  PR photo opportunity, collation of appropriate media assets for inclusion on 2BE website. We will handle any other specifics linked to the level of engagement you opted for.
  6. Each school term 2BE will provide an update on how your chosen school/s are progressing and where / when applicable invite you to various events. 

Become an active part of your local community today

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