Award winning enterprise educator

Sue Poole is passionate about encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in young people – from primary school to university. She has been recognised nationally for her work and been instrumental in the launch of Gower College Swansea's Entrepreneurship Academy (the first of its kind in Wales), helped set up the Young Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Enterprise Panel for Wales.

A selection of the awards that Sue has won in the past few years: 

  • #GoDo BQ Entrepreneur of the Year (Wales) category at the 2017 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards
  • South West Wales Women in Business Awards 2017: Mentor of the Year
  • Enterprising Britain Award 2014, Special Mention at SME Assembly in Naples
  • UK Enterprise Educator of the Year 2015 and 2011
  • Business Mentor of the Year 2012 Women in Business Awards, held in association with PwC
“My vision has always been to develop a generation of young people able to confidently connect with businesses and communities, and who will create a more prosperous and rewarding future for themselves and others through their entrepreneurial skills.” 
- Sue Poole

A business idea while walking the dog 

Sue is the CEO and Director of the Swansea-based Centre 4 Entrepreneurial Education, a social enterprise that seeks to boost entrepreneurial skills in learners of all ages. She came up with the idea for ‘The Bumbles of Honeywood’ two years ago while out walking her puppy Jack every morning.

She says “The quiet times spent walking the dog gave me the time and space to think about a new programme to engage our very young learners as soon as they enter full time education. I passionately believe it is important to capture the imagination and enthusiasm of our youngsters, and develop that “can-do and will-do” attitude from a very young age.

During my research, I learnt a great deal about Bees and how they are very enterprising creatures. Teamwork is vitally important to the success of the hive, and bees have to solve problems, be creative and are very determined little creatures - all key enterprise traits!"

Sue's dog, Jack, can't resist getting in on the action while her grandchildren are reading the bumbles books

Sue's dog, Jack, can't resist getting in on the action while her grandchildren are reading the bumbles books