Easily integrate Donaldson's recommendations in to your curriculum

In 2015, Professor Graham Donaldson reviewed the Welsh curriculum and created a report entitled Successful Futures. He created recommendations for the curriculum so that our children could grow as a capable, healthy, well-rounded individual who can thrive in the face of unknown future challenges. 

The recommended that the purposes of the curriculum in Wales should be that children and young people develop as:

  • ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives

  • enterprising,creative contributors,ready to play a full part in life and work

  • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world

  • healthy, con dent individuals, ready to lead ful lling lives as valued members of society. 


How does the Bumbles of Honeywood meet Donaldson's recommendations?

Donaldson' recommendations will be compulsory as part of the national curriculum from September 2018. The Bumbles of Honeywood school packs meet the first two of Donaldson's recommendations and help you teach the following characteristics: 

  • Set themselves high standards and enjoy challenges
  • Understand how to interpret data and apply mathematical concepts
  • Apply their learning to create new, innovative solutions
  • Identify and grasp opportunities
  • Use digital technology to communicate creatively
  • Research and analyse information

    Cultivate an enterprising mindset from five years' old

    The Bumbles of Honeywood school packs help you teach the National Curriculum Foundation Phase: Seven Areas of Learning

    • Personal, social and emotional development
    • Language, literacy and communication skills
    • Knowledge and understanding of the world
    • Mathematics
    • Welsh language
    • Physical fitness and mobility
    "How far is the school developing all of its children and young people as: ambitious, capable learners; enterprising, creative individuals; ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world; and healthy, confident individuals?"
    - Professor Donaldson, Successful Futures: Independent Review of Curriculum and Assessment Arrangements in Wales

    Want to make your life easy with the complete school pack? 

    Find out about the whole package: including hundreds of interactive enterprise activities which meet all areas of the curriculum, along with fun added extras like hand knitted beehives and classroom decorations.