Reading Bumbles of Honeywood Books to Class

The Bumbles activities are inspired by the adventures of the Bumble family, written in a series of fun and beautifully illustrated books for children. The bumbles work together to keep Honeywood hive running smoothly, overcome challenges using enterprise skills and face environmental problems in the modern world.

Bella Bumble visited the school to bring the stories to life, acting out the bee adventures. 


Resources to inspire children's imaginations

Each school pack contains fun props to help children engage in the activties, including: 

  • A small jar of honey for each child 

  • Plant pots to decorate and bee friendly seeds for children to plant

  • A wall chart for tracking children's progress throughout the programme 

  • Reward stickers for children

  • Bee themed classroom decorations

  • Bee bots and bee bot mat (bee bots extra charge)


Dressing up to get in to character

The children were really inspired by the insect masks included in the packs. The masks help children get in to character when carrying out the networking activity, where they learn social development skills and how to work together as a team. 


Using skills from Donaldson's Curriculum recommendations

The activities in the Bumbles school pack helped the children: 

  • Learn literacy skills
  • Describe events in detail
  • Ask and answer a variety of questions
  • Retell the stories and sequence events correctly
  • Research and identify information from texts accurately to create "Save the Bees" posters



Honing numeracy skills

The students completed many numeracy activities included in the pack such as counting pots of honey by grouping in 2s, 5s and 10s. They extracted and interpreted information from lists, tables, diagrams and graphs.


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