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Bertie Bumble's Exciting New Job

Bertie Bumble has shown himself to be a brave, confident and resilient member of the Honeywood community which Queen Beeatrice recognises.

She is so proud of him that she asked him to become a professor of Science at Honeywood University Bertie can’t quite believe it and he wonders if he is good enough to take on this very important job. He seeks advice from his Aunt Betty in the hope that she can relieve his self-doubt. Will Bertie believe in himself and have the confidence to take on this important job?


An activity to develop and demonstrate entrepreneurial skills - putting into practice the learning from The Bumbles of Honeywood storybooks or supplementary teaching materials.

Lesson Plans

A detailed plan to support teachers in delivering a lesson dedicated to the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. Highlighting areas of learning and key skills explored, this lesson guide will identify appropriate resources required for activities and also differentiation options for varied abilities.


A PowerPoint Presentation to support the understanding of various themes explored in The Bumbles of Honeywood storybooks and reinforce the skills required to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

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