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Join The Bumble family on their exciting journeys in Honeywood. Each book explores how the bees and their Honeywood friends overcome various challenges – thinking entrepreneurially to find solutions and solve problems. Making friends and discovering new skills along the way – the creatures of Honeywood are inspiring and creative – demonstrating how much can be achieved working together as a team.

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Our extensive portfolio of educational resources has been created to help understand and demonstrate a range of different skills which develop the entrepreneurial mindset of young people.

Resources which highlight how important it is to look at situations in a positive light, opening up young minds to new opportunities and challenges. Being inquisitive, positive and receptive to new ideas is a wonderful quality in young people who will demonstrate enthusiasm when approaching various situations.   The materials will reinforce how powerful positive thinking is through positive language and challenging negativity.

Resources to encourage young people to transform their unique ideas, imagination and dreams into a reality.  Thinking creatively can help to reflect and nurture children’s emotional health and is a key element of the entrepreneurial mindset.  These materials will help identify how important creative skills are and how they can contribute to being innovative problem solvers and inspiring leaders.  

Resources which encourage young people to continue making an effort, even when things may feel difficult or challenging.  Determination is what helps individuals and teams achieve great things - a commitment to getting things done or reaching a goal.  

Resources to support young people so they can clearly describe their opinions, concerns, thoughts and feelings.  Effective communication is when all participants involved understand each other and feel like their opinion has been heard, valued and considered.  Developing effective communication skills helps individuals to be more aware of what they hear, how they respond and the method/words they use to do so.  

Resources to help young people to work through ideas or challenges to reach a decision or solution.  Problem solving involves reflection, contemplation and consideration.  Problem solving skills improve at every stage of a child's development as they arm themselves with more experiences and tools to address problems in different ways.  

Resources which help identify the definition of resilience and how to support young people in turning a negative situation into a positive.  Helping young people comfortably recover from setbacks is a huge advantage in later life as they build up strength and confidence to move forward after tough times.   

Resources which encourage team working so that young people can identify how much more can be achieved by working collaboratively.   Young people will be expected to work as part of a team at various stages of their life - from school work, to sports teams and eventually to work colleagues - so the sooner children learn to work together, the stronger their team building skills will become as they develop in their educational journey.  Any time a young person works as part of a team, they have the opportunity to build positive, long-term relationships.  

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Bertie’s Search for Magic Medicine

Bertie has been asked by Queen Beeatrice to be the new professor of Honeywood University, he is not sure if he is the right person for this important role. He asks his family if they think he is the right bee for the job. He tells Queen Beeatrice that he is pleased to accept the job and he is excited to make new medicine to help all the mini beasts across Honeywood.

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Save the Bees

An awful pandemic is coming to Honeywood and all the mini beasts in Honeywood have to work together as a team to look after the little baby bees. A Nightingale hospital is set up and run by Lady Scarlett and her team of ladybird nurses, all the creatures work hard to keep the bees safe and healthy. Bertie calls on Betsy and Professor Baillie to help him make new medicine to save the bees.

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Betsy the Inventor

Betsy sees her friend Big G struggling to keep up with the young grasshoppers, he is getting older and his long legs will not jump as high as they used to. She wants to help him and goes to work in her workshop to make an invention to help Big G jump high in the long grass to keep control of the young grasshoppers.

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Caterpillar Express

Oscar the caterpillar and all his family volunteer to be postmen to take loving letters to the sick bees in the Nightingale hospital. Betsy and her sisters Blue and Bella design and make little carts to help the kindly caterpillars carry the letters to the hospital every day.

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Storm Suzy

An awful storm is coming to Honeywood. The weather is changing and winds and rain are due to flood Honeywood valley. The bees and other mini beasts must move all their families and their treasures into a place where they will be safe from the storm. Betsy and Barry save the day by designing and building a safe place for all the creatures to keep safe out of the way of the storm.

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Festival of Fun

After an awful year when everything seemed to go wrong in Honeywood, the Bumble family decide to organise a fun festival with swings, rides and fairground stalls. Bobby and his sisters, write a play, make the costumes and put on a play to entertain all the mini beasts across the valley.