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How it works

The first step is to register your school’s interest in the programme. We then identify businesses who are committed to inspiring the next generation and willing to financially support your primary school with The Bumbles of Honeywood programme.  

School resources
School resources

Who benefits?

The Bumbles of Honeywood programme has been developed by enterprise and education professionals with the intention of inspiring young minds and supporting the development of key life skills to help them reach their full potential.

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What do teachers think of The Bumbles of Honeywood?

We were delighted to be chosen to receive funding from two local companies for the Bumbles of Honeywood program, which has really supported our pupils’ skills and creativity.  We have found the books engaging, they are bright and colourful, they cover a huge range of topics and we easily found two books that fitted perfectly with our concepts.

Mr Kevin Hodder
Rhydyfro Primary
5 star rating

We are always looking for innovative and engaging ways to deliver learning and will be using the Bumbles of Honeywood package as part of our effort to develop entrepreneurial and creative skills amongst our youngest learners in Key Stage 2.

Caroline Morgan - Headteacher
Oystermouth Primary
5 star rating

The whole school community of Templeton is behind this initiative and are excited about its many advantages to the educational experiences of our children, in particular the biodiversity and ecological aspect, which is so important to our learners, but also the enterprising and innovation skills involved which may even support their future careers.

Kevin Phelps - Headteacher
Templeton Primary
5 star rating

The Bumbles of Honeywood fits perfectly into the New Curriculum for Wales. It allows us to focus on the pupils’ wellbeing, enables us to easily focus on aspects of the science and technology AoLE and also provides the children with the opportunity to develop their enterprise skills, an area of the primary curriculum which can often present a challenge to schools.

Geraint Leach - Headteacher
Penrhys Primary
5 star rating

The Bumbles of Honeywood’ programme has encouraged the pupils to have a positive and resilient mind set. Involvement in the programme has helped them to further develop independence and resourcefulness. They have loved it !

Gareth Tregembo - Year 2 Teacher
Penyrheol Primary School
5 star rating


a sample pack of resources for teachers

We have provided a sample lesson plan and activity from The Bumbles of Honeywood programme. This will provide you with an insight into the portfolio of resources available. Once registered the school has access to over 120 digital resources to use in the classroom.

Frequently asked questions

The resources are fully funded and will support teachers in delivering engaging and exciting activities which hit a variety of learning areas within the curriculum. You’ll also benefit from 3 in-class activities covering a theme of your choice (approx. 45mins each). Whatever your learning timetable, the resources are flexible enough to be integrated on an ad hoc basis, or as part of a more structured programme week by week.

The resources have been developed by experienced learning professionals and enterprise leaders to ensure a good balance of curriculum demands and future skills requirements. The resources were piloted with 15 primary schools prior to rolling out our Corporate Partnerships programme.

We have made appropriate linkages to areas of learning that use the Four Purposes of the new Curriculum for Wales and the National Curriculum in England, so teachers can identify the most suitable resources to satisfy their learning outcomes. The resources can be searched via storybook, skill, and areas of learning as well as several other categories. You will find resources that have excellent links in promoting Math skills, oracy for the English curriculum and even objectives that explore health and wellbeing in and outside the classroom.

Yes. Each lesson plan will include recommendations for those of mixed abilities so you can adapt depending on the needs of your class.

We employ education professionals to lead the activity sessions – all of whom have experience of working in a classroom environment and are fully trained to deliver The Bumbles of Honeywood programme. All staff are registered with EWC and have up to date DBS checks.

The activity sessions have been designed for approx. 30 pupils.

Yes, there are a selection of activities that can be hosted online. We also host regular drop-in sessions online for teachers who wish to familiarise themselves with the programme, ask questions or share ideas with The Bumbles of Honeywood primary school community.

Yes. We provide enough for up to 30 pupils but supplementary resources can be purchased at cost to roll the programme out to other classes.

The partnerships created are all unique. This is an opportunity to connect with a business who has an interest in developing the skill and futures of young people so we hope that the engagement will go beyond The Bumbles of Honeywood programme. It is of course, up to you how you involve them in anything beyond our engagement but we do hope you’ll have added value from the partnership.

We are now working with more than 220 primary schools across the UK. This number is growing on a weekly basis.

All resources have been produced bilingually so that Welsh medium schools can benefit from the programme at the same time as English language primary schools. We will be exploring the translation of The Bumbles of Honeywood programme into other languages in the future.

Yes, we encourage the schools and teachers we work with to refer The Bumbles of Honeywood programme to their friends and peers. Introductions made that result in us bringing onboard a new school will earn the referrer a selection of additional programme resources by way of a reward for their own school.

There is no catch. The resources are free to the school. Our unique corporate engagement partnership programme ensures we identify local/national companies who are willing to financially support the resources for a school(s) in their region. The business pays for the resources (which can be used across the school) as well as goodies for 1 class (30 children) and 3 workshops throughout the year. The school or business partner can choose to purchase additional resources and sessions if required.

The resources are targeted at ages 5-8 but can be used for those younger/older depending on the capabilities of young people.

The programme has been created for easy integration into any established or developing structure. The 2B Enterprising team will visit your school to introduce the programme to the teachers and talk through the options for use. We also share examples of great practice on our social media and in our newsletters – so please keep us updated with how The Bumbles of Honeywood is being used across our community of schools.

The resources are accessed via the www.2benterprising.co.uk website. You can search through the resources using category filters and will need the login details provided to all registered schools to download. You can download individual resources or ‘collections’ of resources to ensure you have the lesson plan and relevant ctivities in one visit. If you are not a registered school, you can still access the Sample Pack for teachers and a selection of FREE Resources for you to use in the classroom or at home.

The first workshop is our ‘Bee Networking’ activity where we encourage young people to familiarise themselves with introducing each other and talking about their strengths/ambitions. We have a selection of other activity sessions to choose from which are discussed with the teacher prior to the second and third sessions so we can fit in with themes or specific areas of focus.

The activity sessions are between 45 mins and 1 hour.

The resources are paid for by your Corporate Engagement Partner. We identify businesses who are looking to engage with their local community with a valuable offer and we connect school with a local or national business to create the Partnership Programme.

Yes. We provide 3 workshops as part of the core programme, however if you would like additional sessions – please speak to a member of our team or email info@2benterprising.co.uk.

We would love for all schools to use the resources as frequently as possible but, we also realise that there are a multitude of other programmes covering different topics which need to be timetabled. In order to secure business funding and support year on year, it would be beneficial to feedback to your Corporate Engagement Partner how you are using the resources and how valuable they are to your school. If you are on Twitter or any other social media if you could also tag us and your business partner.

Yes. Whilst we are a small team, there is always someone available during office hours who is able to help or answer any questions you may have. We welcome any feedback and suggestions for additional resources that might be useful for you and your colleagues. Get in touch via info@2benterprising.co.uk or call 01792 277694.

Yes. We have bilingual staff to lead the workshops at Welsh medium primary schools.

We hope you’ll enjoy the programme and want to continue being a part of The Bumbles of Honeywood family. We hope that your Corporate Partner will continue to provide support for your school year on year, but if required, we will work with you to find an alternative partner to fund the resources. Each year of support brings a new set of resources for the class plus three more activity sessions. It is our intention to work with Years 1 and 2 in the first year of partnership, Years 3 and 4 in the second year of partnership and Years 5 and 6 in the third year of partnership – before we return to the start with refreshed resources and new sessions for the school.    

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Register your schools interest

Speak to a member of the team

If you’re interested in benefitting from The Bumbles of Honeywood resources – please get in touch using the form or contact details below. We’ll talk you through the programme and explain how the programme is fully funded through a local or national business partner.