The whole package to nourish your childrens' enterprising mindsets

Through a series of 6 books and interactive extension activities, we explore the environmental plight of the honey bee and follow the community of Honeywood through their daily adventures. Designed by teachers and enterprise experts, this programme is the whole package for teachers to nourish enterprising mindsets. 

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Innovative integrated approach

One of the first in the UK to integrate Donaldson’s enterprise recommendations with the rest of the curriculum, children will improve their numeracy, literacy, digital and physical education skills alongside developing an enterprising mindset. 


Hassle-free lesson planning

The school packs were created with teachers in mind, with everything you need to teach enterprise skills from start to finish, including hundreds of interactive activities, lesson plans and classroom decorations. 

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Beautiful illustrations bring Honeywood to life

Dive in to the colourful world of the Bumble family, where activities were designed to be so visually engaging, your children won't be able to take their eyes off them. 


Captivate your students with lively book readings 

Gain access to videos of the books being performed by Grandma Bumble, otherwise known as Kev Johns, one of Wales' most popular entertainment personalities and one of Pantomime's top dames. Kev Johns has 40 years performing experience on stage, screen and on radio. His entertaining readings will enthrall your children. 

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Easily integrate Donaldson's recommendations in to your curriculum

The Welsh curriculum is being changed by Professor Donaldson to help your children have Successful Futures. Make sure your lessons include his recommendations so that our children could grow as a capable, healthy, well-rounded individual who can thrive in the face of unknown future challenges. 

Ready to make your teacher's lives easier with the complete school pack? 

Get the whole package: including hundreds of interactive enterprise activities which meet all areas of the curriculum, along with fun added extras like hand knitted beehives and classroom decorations.