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Bertie’s Big Adventure – Storybook

As Bertie Bumble waits for his wing to repair, he makes special friends with Queen Beatrice – the Queen Bee of Honeywood Hive. She tells Bertie of how the hive is growing and they will soon need to swarm and find a new home – making way for a new Queen Bee and worker honey bees. Queen Beatrice trusts Bertie and she asks him for his help to lead her swarm to a new home. Bertie isn’t sure he is strong enough for such a special job and he worries how his life will change if he moves away from his family. Bertie’s family and friends remind Bertie what a special bee he really is and why he was chosen for this important job. Bertie is reminded how important it is to have self-belief and demonstrate leadership skills when helping make a big difference.  

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Ages: 5&6
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