Rhydyfro Primary Headteacher

We were delighted to be chosen to receive funding from two local companies for the Bumbles of Honeywood program, which has really supported our pupils’ skills and creativity.  We have found the books engaging, they are bright and colourful, they cover a huge range of topics and we easily found two books that fitted perfectly with […]

Oystermouth Primary Headteacher

We are always looking for innovative and engaging ways to deliver learning and will be using the Bumbles of Honeywood package as part of our effort to develop entrepreneurial and creative skills amongst our youngest learners in Key Stage 2.

Templeton Primary Headteacher

The whole school community of Templeton is behind this initiative and are excited about its many advantages to the educational experiences of our children, in particular the biodiversity and ecological aspect, which is so important to our learners, but also the enterprising and innovation skills involved which may even support their future careers.

Penrhys Primary Headteacher

The Bumbles of Honeywood fits perfectly into the New Curriculum for Wales. It allows us to focus on the pupils’ wellbeing, enables us to easily focus on aspects of the science and technology AoLE and also provides the children with the opportunity to develop their enterprise skills, an area of the primary curriculum which can […]

Penyrheol Primary Teacher

The Bumbles of Honeywood’ programme has encouraged the pupils to have a positive and resilient mind set. Involvement in the programme has helped them to further develop independence and resourcefulness. They have loved it !

Penyrheol Primary Headteacher

Our children have loved being involved in ‘The Bumbles of Honeywood’ programme. It has provided a motivating approach to learning and has enabled pupils to develop confidence, self –reliance and a determination to succeed.

Morriston Primary School

This case study was completed by Matthew Bannister, the deputy head of Morriston Primary School and the lead on The Bumbles of Honeywood programme in Morriston Primary. They are supported by their Corporate Engagement Partner ‘Peter Lynn and Partners’ and have been using the programme since June 2019. Why did you decide to engage with […]