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Hornet Scramble

The bees work together to overcome disruption in Honeywood caused by a nest of nasty noisy neighbours! Teamwork at its very best.  
The Honeywood hive is rudely disturbed when a nest of bullying, noisy Hornets moves nearby and starts stealing their honey.  The bees have to work together to find a solution to the problem and they work as a team to overcome the problem when it becomes noisier and noisier!  Bertie finds himself injured as a result of rescuing Beebee from the nasty Hornets, so his fellow bee’s make best use of their own resources to help him feel better and fix his broken wing.  The bees manage several difficult situations in this story but they eventually bring the community of bees safely home together.
An activity to develop and demonstrate entrepreneurial skills - putting into practice the learning from The Bumbles of Honeywood storybooks or supplementary teaching materials.
Lesson Plans
A detailed plan to support teachers in delivering a lesson dedicated to the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. Highlighting areas of learning and key skills explored, this lesson guide will identify appropriate resources required for activities and also differentiation options for varied abilities.
A PowerPoint Presentation to support the understanding of various themes explored in The Bumbles of Honeywood storybooks and reinforce the skills required to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
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Hornet Scramble Enterprise Resources

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Final Challenge

Complete this enterprising challenge after you have read all 6 of The Bumbles storybooks. Put the children's enterprise skills to the test by choosing one of the ideas below. Encourage the children to take control of every aspect of the challenge and use all the new skills.

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Hornet Scramble Book (pages)
Find the images of all the right hand pages so you can see Hornet Scramble on the white screen.
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Friendship hands
Print off a hand template for each pupil. The children should work in small groups passing the hands around the table. By the end each pupil will have a hand template full of positive things about them. This is a great reminder that they are amazing in lots of different ways.
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Friendship mind map
Use the mind map to think about what it means to be a good friend. Encourage the children to work in pairs or small groups to fill the whole sheet with ideas and pictures.
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My friend template
Use the template for the children to think about one of their friends. Encourage them to think of 3 reasons why that person is a good friend to them and how they make them feel.
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Sorting friendship qualities
Use this template to think about the top 5 qualities that make a good friend. Encourage the children to think about what is important to them. This may be different for each child - there is no right or wrong answer.
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Friendship watering can
Using the watering can templates the children can write all the qualities they feel would make a great friend.
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Friendship scenario cards
In small mixed ability groups children will be tasked with the challenge of reading some friendship scenarios and discussing possible solutions to the problems giving ideas where they might have done something different to show what it is to be a good friend.
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