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The Bumbles of Honeywood

The Bumble family meet with their fellow Honeywood residents in the Town Hall and demonstrate the art of networking.
The Bumble family of Honeywood live in a hive under an apple tree in a wild flower meadow full of colour and sweet petals. They are part of a community of creatures who live and work together to create yummy, runny honey. In The Bumbles of Honeywood storybook, we are introduced to Betty and Barry Bumble and their children – Bella, Bobby, twins Betsy and Blue and baby Beebee. The family takes a trip to the town hall where they meet new creatures such as the grasshoppers, caterpillars, ladybirds and dragonflies. They realise that although creatures might look different to themselves, they are the same inside, with big hearts, and they are kind and loving. They learn skills to help introduce themselves and Betty and Barry do some networking which is great for business!
An activity to develop and demonstrate entrepreneurial skills - putting into practice the learning from The Bumbles of Honeywood storybooks or supplementary teaching materials.
Lesson Plans
A detailed plan to support teachers in delivering a lesson dedicated to the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. Highlighting areas of learning and key skills explored, this lesson guide will identify appropriate resources required for activities and also differentiation options for varied abilities.
A PowerPoint Presentation to support the understanding of various themes explored in The Bumbles of Honeywood storybooks and reinforce the skills required to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
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The Bumbles of Honeywood Enterprise Resources

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Final Challenge

Complete this enterprising challenge after you have read all 6 of The Bumbles storybooks. Put the children's enterprise skills to the test by choosing one of the ideas below. Encourage the children to take control of every aspect of the challenge and use all the new skills.

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Making a bee hotel
Use these ideas to create, design and make your own bee hotel. Be creative and use whatever you have at home. Research the importance of saving the bees and the best conditions for them to live in.
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Selling an old toy
If your child has grown out of their current toy, encourage them to think of ways they can sell it to make money for a new one, or give to someone who doesn’t have any toys. Research the ways they could sell their toy. You could even host your own toy sale in person with family and friends.
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Tactics game
This tactics game is about team work, communication and taking risk. Work in small teams and imagine you are one of the Bumble family collecting pollen. Your goal is to drop your balls of pollen into different buckets. You will have 5 chances to throw the ball into one of the 3 buckets. Each bucket has a different point value. See how many points you collect and decide what tactics you will use.
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What does a scientist do
Use the videos to learn about what a scientist does, then complete your very own scientific experiment using food colouring and water. Try to make different patterns and colours and be creative with your designs.
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Writing challenge cards
Download our 10 writing card challenges. Use these to inspire your children to be creative, use their writing skills and imagination.
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An inventive child
Look around at your home and your recycling items that you were going to throw away. Collect them and clean them, and think about what you can invent. Use the materials to create your prototype for a new invention.
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An unexpected eruption
Watch the video of a science experiment. Follow the method and create your own science experiment at home. Research and learn about why the lemonade bottle exploded and what reaction happened.
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